Laurel Chiu 鹿丘

Laurel is an illustrator, designer, and copywriter based in Taiwan. 

Most of her artworks are inspired by people around, life experience, indie music, and also the abundant dreamland that she had every night.

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2019 - 2020 「夜裡的燭光 Night at midnight 」常設展 | Monospace共同工作空間

2018「月亮下的人們 Cellophane Night 」 插畫個展 | 台中葉綠宿旅館

2018「月亮下的人們 Cellophane Night 」 插畫個展 | 大城・小事珈啡

2020 - 2019 Light at midnight at Monospace

2018 Cellophane Night at Green Hotel in Taichung

2018 Cellophane Night at Big town small things cafe'

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© 2021 by Laurel Chiu

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 Laurel Chiu 

插畫|文案|Art Print|Wall Decor|illustration 

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